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Month: March 2022

The Evolution of Agrihoods

Bellefield @ Historic Hyde Park, T-Rex In the News,

Agrihoods, neighborhoods that incorporate food production into their design, have been getting more attention in the residential development world. In many cases, these projects are conventional sprawl with a tiny community garden or orchard. Whereas, in their truest form, agrihoods weave food production into the design and experiential fabric of their communities in much moreRead More »

From HomeGoods to homes: Why big box retail spaces are being transformed into apartments

Bellefield @ Historic Hyde Park, T-Rex Capital, T-Rex In the News,

For example, in northern Dutchess County, T-Rex Capital Group broke ground on its $800 million, 344-acre walkable community Bellefield at Historic Hyde Park in 2018. However, the team is only now ready to begin constructing its field building on the site. Before that could happen, the company had to install wastewater and sewage facilities necessaryRead More »