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Month: August 2001

Deutsche Raising Big Mezzanine-Loan Fund

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Commercial Mortgage Alert August 13, 2001 Deutsche Bank is moving to step up its presence in the rapidly growing market for mezzanine loans. Deutsche is setting up a second mezzanine-loan fund, which will be capitalized with $350 million of equity. It would be the second largest venture of its kind in the U.S. – andRead More »

20 Years Ago Today, IBM Started PC Revolution

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Orlando FL Sentinel Much of South Florida’s high-tech lineage can be traced to those heady days for IBM in Boca Raton by Christine Winter August 12th 2001 Twenty years ago, Boca Raton was the PC capital of the world, a title that faded when International Business Machines Corp. lost its hold on the market andRead More »