T-Rex Technology Center - Yorktown, VA

T-Rex Technology Center @ Yorktown, Virginia

A Data Center and Digital Port at the Crossroads of Electronic Commerce

700 Old York-Hampton Highway in Yorktown, Virginia 23692

The T-Rex Technology Center @ Yorktown, Virginia is a communications crossroad sited at the pinnacle of the Tidewater Virginia market, poised to access a customer-rich local environment and to connect you with global network users. The Yorktown location is unique in that it is centrally located among 24 US Military Installations and the NATO Station Command in the "Tidewater" market.
The Tech Center is designed to be a ReGeneration Node for Hyperscale cloud providers; a telecom Point of Presence for 5G networks, and a Mobile Switching Center for wireless carriers and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). The T-Rex data center will also serve as a computing hub for Fortune 1000 enterprises as well as a private Network Access Point (NAP) for the U.S. Federal Government and its defense cleared contracting community.
This 20 megawatt, 161,890 square foot facility currently in development sits on 24 acres at 54 feet above sea level, ideally located equidistant to the Telxius global subsea cable landing station in Virginia Beach and the QTS Richmond NAP serving as a ReGeneration Network Node with point-to-point fiber access to the #1 data center market and one of the most fiber-rich areas in the world - "Data Center Alley" - in Ashburn, Virginia.

For leasing or network services information, please contact James J. Leach at jjleachva@gmail.com or (571) 383-8895, or at jleach@owcdevelopment.com.

T-Rex Technology Center at Yorktown, VA